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Mobile device of skid-mounted injection-use cases

Mobile device of skid-mounted injection-use cases

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 Mobile device of skid-mounted injection-use casesDetailed introduction

Case one small mobile water injection device
Device brief
Use: the yanchang oilfield
The device mainly consists of tank, injection pump, complete sets of water treatment equipment, measuring and control systems, valves, pipes, instruments and components, such as skid, water to water, filters, dosing, boost integration design, measurement, return all equipment, valves and process piping on the centrally mounted on a skid. For daily water 300m3 the following single or multiple well water.

Brief introduction of water injection system in case two 600m3/d water treatment project
Use: in Changqing oilfield
Main components:
Septic tank skid (1)
Oily wastewater treatment tank skid (1)
Filter skid (1)
Skid water tank (1) pumps skid (1)

Case three mobile skid-mounted injection units
Main components:
Septic tank skid (1)
Filter skid (1)
Injection pumps skid (1)

According to water quality and water injection needs, through the three-way valve to control pipeline, select the flow enters the filter process. Water enters the filter design has two sets of additive before adding appliances equipped with metering pump, according to the injection process can accurately add water treatment chemicals. Filters for raw water, water quality meet the requirements by the Fed pumps into the injection pump skid. Injection pump skid symmetrically in two sets of injection process, the valve opening can be adjusted according to demand, for one or two pumps of the pump water operations. Process flow meter, pressure sensor can monitor in real time the pump pressure and flow. And valve adjustment. Pump outlet with throttle valve and recirculation manifold, control the stability of the pump and expanding the range of flow conditions.

Gudao oil production plant

Linpan oil extraction plant of shengli oilfield

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