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Move skid-mounted water injection system

Move skid-mounted water injection system

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 Move skid-mounted water injection systemDetailed introduction

One, the necessity of water injection development
At present, oil field development, with production growth of consumption of energy will continue to be the reservoir itself, causing oil pressure drop, crude oil a lot of Degas, the viscosity increases oil production significantly reduce or even stop spraying discontinued, resulting in residue number of dead oil produced are not out of the ground.
In order to repair underground oil recovery after deficits, maintaining or improving reservoir pressure, oilfield with high and stable yield and high recovery rate, must be of oil field water injection.

Second, device overview
Move skid-mounted water injection system was designed and developed by our company sets of skid-mounted injection unit, meet the early mining advanced water injection and edge block construction technology of water injection needs. The installation complies with the requirements of standard design, modular construction, water tanks, water treatment equipment, water pumps and other design into a skid, relocation, re-use, high integration, convenient operation, reliable working safety, a significant reduction in fixed investment in water injection station. The device according to technology needs according to a prize or prize for design, manufacture and customer requirements can be automatic and semi-automatic control; water treatment process can be based on rational allocation of water to achieve one or multiple-level processing.

Third, the device
The device consists of oily water treatment tank, fine filtration skid, skid injection pump components. Contains: truck pumps, water tanks, water treatment additives feeding equipment, multi media filters, Emery filter, fine filter, water tanks, feeding pump, injection pump, manifold, meters, valves, control systems, power distribution systems, pneumatic systems (can be combined according to the actual injection process design, changes in equipment). Full high-precision filtration (water quality A1); long life (corrosion, blowback, backwash, filter regeneration); connection to skid, ease of operation.
Four, device configuration instructions
1, sewage tank skid skid consists of sewage tank truck pumps, sewage tanks, intelligent magnetic level gauge (output signal: switching), as well as the manifold valves and other components: main role is to maintain a system of uninterrupted water supply. Sewage canned intelligent magnetic level gauge, has a high or low level alarm function.
2, oily water treatment tank skid skid consists of oily waste water treatment tank lift pump, oily waste water treatment tanks, dosing devices, PLC control cabinets as well as the manifold valves and other components.
Oily wastewater treatment tank skid is a set of natural sedimentation and coalescence oil, flocculation swirl reaction, suspending sludge purification filters, titanium plate coalescing oil, settlement and other technology to a whole new type of oily waste water treatment equipment. Range of equipment dealing with efficiency as high as (90%), short residence time (for conventional separation equipment 35~50%), covers an area of less pressure type full closed operation, smooth running, safe, and is often used as a pretreatment of oilfield equipment.

3, filtering skid
Filter skid by the dosing device, multi media filters, silicon carbide filter, recoil pump, water purifying tank and matching manifold and valve. This filter is suitable for oily water treatment filtration, also suitable for other industrial wastewater treatment.

More media filter device is two species above of filter media through reasonable level distribution, maximum to play different share, and different material, and different grain diameter filter layer of cut dirt capacity on sewage in the containing oil, and suspended real, and iron ion and the colloidal real, of fine processing has better of filter role, and while on oil and suspended real anti-pollution impact capacity strong, and filter material regeneration capacity strong. It has a compact structure, convenient operation, high degree of automation, stable operation, equipment, filtration rate and high-precision filtration, sewer capacity, backwash thoroughly and easy maintenance
Fine Emery Emery filter is filter as the filter media, interception by resistance, gravity sedimentation and deep bed filtration and many other roles, removal of suspended matter in the water. It has a compact structure, convenient operation, high degree of automation, stable operation, equipment, filtration rate and high-precision filtration, sewer capacity, backwash thoroughly and easy maintenance
PGR fine filter from rigid high molecular PE sintered porous filter tube filter beam, assembled into a single filter, basic process determining filters area, each filter in series or in parallel to assemble filters to meet different processing, handling different media needs. PE pipe is made of hydrophilic-oleophobic polymer, absorbent, which belongs to the surface and deep cut filter can not only regenerate, and can be used over and over, life-5-8

Dosing device
Dosing device mainly for oily waste water treatment tank and system flow injection of flocculating agents, inhibitors, corrosion inhibitors, demulsifiers and other liquid
The device is mainly from the pot, Blender, metering pump and other components.

4, water purifying tank skid
Mainly used to store clean water, provide water for injection pumps. Consists of tank, magnetic level gauge, pipe, valves, and other components.
5, water injection pump skid
Injection pump skid consists of water injection pump, feed pump, pressure transmitters, frequency conversion controller, manifold valves, and other components. In the treatment of water injected into the injection well.

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