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Profile control in intelligent injection system

Profile control in intelligent injection system

Smart injection system for profile is based on the TPB of hydraulic profile control and injection pump, designed to open if the complete intelligence profile of injection system.
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 Profile control in intelligent injection systemDetailed introduction

Profile control in intelligent injection system
Smart injection system for profile is in manual/semi-automatic profile control system based on the intelligent control of design and development of a profile of injection system. This system from the agent added, mixing, curing agent can realize computer control injection. Which consists of living room, control room, feed room, tanks, mixing tanks, profile into the room, and several other units. All units are equipped with the appropriate equipment, unit between the communication cables and Plug connections, control PLC distributed control, each unit can control also can be controlled individually. Operation is extremely simple and accurate control various parameters can be obtained, recorded and stored, so as to really achieve the profile, blocking water, flooding, intelligent control of polymer injection job. Can remote data transmission through GPRS network the system and monitor.

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