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Dosing device

Dosing device

Liquid pharmaceutical adding device consisting of gear pump, and out of line and out of joint with quick connector, remove the installation flexibility.
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 Dosing deviceDetailed introduction

I can be produced according to customers ' different needs a variety of chemical dosing device.
Liquid soluble device includes a liquid reagent adding system, distribution system, metering system, safety systems and control systems.
Pharmacy joined the chemical tank, and then joined the industrial water dissolved in proportion, from the injection system pipe or wellhead.
1 Add a main gear pumps, liquid agent composition, and out of line and out of joint with quick connector, remove the installation flexibility.
2, medicament dissolve and distribution system according to user needs with carbon steel, stainless steel, PE materials.
3, measured injection system uses a piston or diaphragm-type metering pump, medium viscosity, pressure and flow range, simple structure, easy maintenance.
4, safety systems, including safety valves, pressure gauges, pipes and other components, can be better protected and injection equipment and pipeline. Installation method: online data and install it separately.
5, the control system consists of control cabinets, control cables, the system can be made explosion-proof and non-explosion-proof type, control can be designed for manual and automatic control.
6, equipment standardization, skid-mounted and modular design. Modular design, including a tank and a pump, a tank with two pumps, two tanks and a pump, tank and pump and other more combination, safe, convenient and simple.

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