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In recent years, the oilfield has entered a period of high water cut oil production, produced liquid water content increased. To increase crude oil production, injection and liquid output should increase, production costs will continue to improve. To this end, the oilfield have taken "control oil" development approaches, plugging water is one of the policy objectives of effective processes.
3TB series profile control and water shutoff pumps, polymer injection pump is suitable for oil extraction process requires injection, profile, blocking, grouting, suitable for high-dose, prolonged, steady voltage profile control and water shutoff technology has wide application in Changqing oilfield, yanchang oilfield.

"Performance features"
Simple structure, reliable operation, easy maintenance.
Stroke length, stroke low consumable and durable, low operating costs.
Valve working the ups and downs of low frequency shear rate of the agent, the effective protection of agent performance.
"Suitable conditions"
Application location: Wells profile control and water shutoff, water shutoff in oil displacement by polymer, polymer injection station
Suitable medium: this series of pumps for domestic profile control and water shutoff technology with CSE-1, three-phase foams, class g cement, sawdust, bentonite particles, bentonite, polyacrylamide, Elm bark powder, cellulose plugging agent for all.
Suitable working conditions: indoor, outdoor running.
3TB series profile control and water shutoff pumps, polymer injection pump consists of power, hydraulic side, export accumulator, belt wheel drive components, common base, a frequency converter and frequency start (based on user requirements selection) is comprised of compact, beautiful appearance, reasonable layout.

No special requirements under pump rated pressure 25MPa design.
Supply based on user needs, can be equipped with inverter, achieved in regulating emissions.
Inlet and drain openings depending on the installation site, about any change.
Model, parameters in the table are for reference only, the user model shall be selected according to the actual situation.

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