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In recent years, China's major oil fields has entered a period of high water cut oil production, produced liquid water content increased to improve water quantity and liquid quantity in crude oil production will increase, production costs will continue to improve. To this end, the water stability oil ? oil fields ? control of development policy. Profile, profile, chemical plugging agent injection is one of the most effective method to achieve the policy objectives. Excellent profile of injection equipment is to carry out the technical guarantee.
Our company has developed a special suitable for profile control and water plugging and flooding and profile control in injection, a hydraulic reciprocating injection pump-TPB series of hydraulic profile control and injection pump. This series pump is a patented product of our company. The pump after years of development, has become a mature technology, advanced professional profile control in oilfield equipment, reliable performance, especially for high-dose, prolonged, steady voltage profile jobs, suitable for plugging agent for oilfields currently in use. Now the device is widely used in the country's largest oilfield of profile control and oil displacement operations, and has become a oil field twice, Eor oil measures of critical equipment used in the, now, profile control in the injection pump has formed a different displacement, suitable for different pressure of oil product demand, driving electric and diesel engine driven in two ways. Our company has developed and many other series I II III IV v hydraulic profile control and injection pump, and can be designed and manufactured according to user's requirements. Can also help build profile Division.
TPB hydraulic adjustable profile injected pump using has hydraulic drive principle, will motor of high-speed rotating mechanical can through constant power variable pump conversion into hydraulic oil of pressure can, again by hydraulic oscillator will hydraulic oil of pressure can through piston directly turned into work liquid of pressure can, achieved has energy Zhijian of efficient passed, to change has traditional of mechanical drive chain, reduced has mechanical drive link. The pump after more than 10 years of development, has become a mature technology, advanced, reliable performance and professional profile control and water shutoff device, particularly suitable for high-dose, prolonged, constant voltage water plugging and profile control operations, applicable to a variety of agents including the sludge recycling. Has been widely used in major oilfields in the country plugging water and sludge injection operations, and has become a oil field twice, Eor oil measures used in one of the important equipment. At present, the pump has formed a series of different engines, different pressure needs, maximum working pressure up to 40MPa. Drive electric and diesel engines driving two driving modes.
1, strong self-priming capacity without the use of feed water pump still works.
2, long-stroke, low stroke, piston speed low shear rate of the agent, agent performance is effective protection, thereby greatly improving the effect of profile control and water shutoff and polymer injection.
3, bottom hole pressure varies with displacement (inverse relationship), or based on actual industrial demand, manually adjustable displacement, effectively protect the reservoirs.
4, wide range of pump blocking Agent, suitable for profile control in oilfield water-plugging technology with CSE-1, g-class, three-phase foam cement, sawdust, bentonite sludge, polyacrylamide, sodium silicate, fly ash, Elm bark powder, all agents.
5, longer consumable life and fluid end of cylinder, piston, piston rod, valve blocks, such as service life is five to 10 times times the General mechanical reciprocating pumps, running cost is greatly reduced.
6, compared with the mechanical pump, equipped with electric power, has a significant energy saving effects.

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