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Petroleum machinery factory technical personnel to teach you how to choose the oil-water separator

Petroleum machinery factory technical personnel to teach you how to choose the oil-water separator
Oil-water separator is frequently to processing petroleum machinery factory production of oil equipment, China is an oil nation, is rich in oil resources, xiaobian today mainly to introduce the common oil equipment such as oil-water separator's selection:
Select large displacement, in order to ensure the oil supply of the entire engine system, additional oil-water separator model than the large displacement. Drainage, oil-water separator below has a transparent plastic water cups, using waterproof oil-water separation time, if the accumulation of too much oil-water separator is not the role of oil-water separation. Some foreign manufacturers already have automatic water resistant, oil-water separator filter Bowl below water level sensor, when water level reaches a certain height in the prompts on the computer screen on the dashboard there is water needs to be drained.
If you need to select with heating function in the northern region. Cold weather can damage water frozen water below the glass, so in the northern region, many users in order to prevent freezing of the oil-water separator, food oil-water separator and put on the thick coat. But for insurance, and suggest using oil-water separator with a heating function.

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